recover deleted files on netbeans

Accidentally i deleted some files that are result of my project refactoring on Netbeans (I’m a bigfans of Netbeans, :D). It took a few hours to done it. OMG.. I tried to look at Trash (I’m using Ubuntu) and it looked like that the files i deleted doesn’t stay at there or permanently deleted directly?

I really panic that i lost my files, and those files are very very important..
But, don’t be worry, if you facing the same problem like me, you can use Local History feature on Netbeans.

  • Right click on the folder/directory that the files had been deleted.
  • Choose Local History – Restore Deleted
  • Done

Hope this helps..

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  1. S. Wawrzynowicz

    Man!!! You saved my life… and many $$$ I don't know how to thank you. God bless you!

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