About Me

Hello, i’m Dimas Priyanto.

I was born in Jogjakarta, Indonesia and now currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia on the weekdays and Bandung, Indonesia on the weekend.

My first love was computer science and software engineering and making them as a part of my life. I could say that because I spent much of hours within a single day with them and even many times I’m dreaming about them when i’m asleep. I speak many languages to computer, mainly in Ruby. And I speak Indonesian and Javanese natively to human. But, I can’t understand the animal’s language, so I do not speak to any of them.

My biggest obsession is to pet Pandas and to turn my skill into useful things that would change people’s life.

Follow me on Twitter @dimaspriyanto, or reach me through my email dimas dot priyanto at gmail dot com.

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