solution for I18n deprecation error

I’m working on a 2.3.8 Rails application when i found an error warning on I18n lately. The error says like the following message:

The {{key}} interpolation syntax in I18n messages is deprecated. Please use %{key} instead

The stack trace stopped at a line in ajaxful_rating plugin, but i was thinking that the issue was came from I18n gem as the error warning message said. So, i looked for the similar issues over there. Yeah, this is an incompatiblity issue from Rails 2.3 or lower. I saw my I18n installed gems was sit on 0.3.7 and 0.4.1 versions and i think my 2.3.8 Rails application choose the newest one.

The solution is just simply tells Rails to use the oldest version. In the config/environment.rb put this line before any gems that uses I18n:

config.gem ‘I18n’, :version => ’0.3.7′

Hope this helps..